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Mindfully Cleaning, Protecting Inside and Out

Level 1

Deeper paint decontamination with added protection as well as conditioning and protecting your vehicle’s interior.

-recommended every 6 months-

starting at $225*

  • Clean tires, wheel faces, wheel barrels, and fender wells

  • Exterior Foam Cannon prewash

  • Hand wash using Premium soap and Grit-Guard

  • Dry using air blower and plush microfiber towels

  • Exterior iron decontamination

  • Clay bar treatment (where needed)

  • Premium Paint Sealant

  • Clean glass inside & out 

  • Condition & dress tires

  • Vacuum interior including trunk

  • Steam cleaning

  • Interior treatment

  • Leather upholstery conditioned

  • Spot Stain treatment on mats and carpet


***Pet Hair, excessive staining, tar, sap, line paint, etc can accrue

extra charge based on time.  Please mention during booking***


Level 2

 Level 1 service plus the following:


  • Thorough paint decontamination. ​​

  • Gloss enhancing machine polish to reduce swirl marks, enhance the shine, & reduce clear coat imperfections. ​

  •  Premium Sealant (better than wax)  for easier maintenance and longevity. 

 -recommended at least once year-

starting at $340*


Contact for any custom quotes

*leather and fabric sealant packages available

*all quotes based on vehicle size, and condition

*additional cost for pet hair, excessive staining


Concours Shine: Level 3

This is a completely custom option for those with particular goals, car shows, restorations, displays, marketing, etc.  

Example of services:

  • Wheels off suspension and undercarriage detailing

  • Metal polishing, chassis component restoration

  • Paint flattening (wetsanding)

  • Paint correction (maximum % of blemish removal)

  • Interior restorations (dye, leather repair, coating, painting)

  • Interior out detailing (removal of paneling and seats to reach all areas)

  • Vinyl graphic application

  • Touch up paint for scratches and chips

  • Steaming intricate areas


The aforementioned are examples,

call for a custom solution to reach your goals.

Sell it, Maximum ROI

Prepping a vehicle for sale should be looked at from a different vantage point.  This is a great solution for those selling a vehicle privately or prepping for auction.  This is a totally custom service focused on getting you the most out of the sale.  Everything will be cleaned as with our Level 1 then, we'll focus on what will make the vehicle the most photogenic. Whether it be a light polish, fixing some scuffs, dying trim/carpet...basically anything that will gain you more value then the service costs.  We will also take ad pictures under our beautiful lighting and a video of the service.



Already had your vehicle in for a deep cleaning?  Lets schedule a maintenance program.  Available in 1,2, or 3 month increments depending on vehicle condition and your goals.  Call or schedule online at either location

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