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Automotive Paint Protection Film in Pittsburgh, PA

Living in Bridgeville, Pittsburgh and surrounding areas you might be concerned  about stone chips?  Want to preserve your new paint for years to come?  Film is an excellent choice for preservation and most importantly, peace of mind.  As a Suntek accredited installer we have and in house plotter, abilities for custom hand cut installations, and have a specific clean room with lift in ensure the best environment possible for a clean installation.

What is it PPF? What to expect.

Why Is It Important?

Automotive paint protection film completed in Pittsburgh, PA

At Elusive Auto Shine, we understand the importance of protecting your vehicle from the harsh elements of the road. One way we can provide this protection is with the use of auto paint protection film. This multi-layer urethane-based film is made to reduce the impact of stones and road debris, mitigating damage to your vehicle's paint.


As a premier auto detailing service in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, we believe that investing in automotive paint protection film is a wise choice for any vehicle owner. Not only does it provide an extra layer of protection, but it also has the capability to self-heal light swirls and scratches with heat.


Unlike other detailing solutions, auto paint protection film is the only solution available to prevent rock chips and scratches currently. At Elusive Auto Shine, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality paint protection film installation services to our clients, ensuring that their vehicles remain in pristine condition for years.

What to Expect


Cleanliness, attention, time, expectations...these are the absolute pillars of a quality installation.  Your vehicle will be completely decontamination, paint correction (machine polishing) to match your goals, seams will be cleaned, steamed, blown out with compressed air, ect.  There are zero shortcuts to the prep phase as it will influence the end result.  Our installation bay was built around PPF installations meaning, the lighting, climate control, lift, flooring, all of which were selected to product an excellent environment for this service.  


Invisible Protection

Extreme Gloss & Ultimate Clarity!

Suntek Paint protection film is indistinguishable from the factory paint on your vehicle. The clarity will match that of adjacent panels without film.  Depending on the service and vehicle there might be visible seams which are necessary in certain instances.  

Our patterns are 3D scanned, digitally designed, and modified in house for maximum coverage.

Patterns are then laser cut for the best fit and finish possible.


We wrap as many edges as possible, without removing bumpers, headlights or other body panels, because our goal is to keep your car like new!  That being said custom solutions are available based on your goals, lets discuss!

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OEM-trusted Tetrashield™ technology; slick surface, easy-clean efficiency where water beads faster, taking dirt with it Clarity and Shine Noticeably clear finish with intense gloss and no orange peel appearance Stain Fighting Up to 25% increased resistance2 against damage from harsh elements such as acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap Self-Healing Surface scratches self-heal utilizing heat, helping to protect against damage caused by rocks, salt and more 12-Year Warranty Professionally sold and installed Reaction PPF is backed by a manufacturer’s 12-year limited warranty3, our best warranty to date

SunTek® PPF Ultra is scientifically formulated to help maintain the beauty and integrity of vehicle finishes—for many years in all kinds of weather. It’s a fusion of innovative film technologies created to make a lasting impression. Our high-performing film features an advanced HydroResist™ technology. When its improved stain resistant top coat is combined with Ultra’s impressive self-healing properties, a durable, high-gloss barrier is created, helping to shield against water, insects, road debris, and other stains.

Ultra Matte

SunTek® Paint Protection Film Ultra Matte delivers all the benefits of our high-performing PPF Ultra film with a head-turning, smooth matte finish. It’s performance at first sight. Whether you’re blending Ultra Matte with flat automotive paint or upgrading the gloss finish of your vehicle, this PPF features a proprietary self-healing top coat that promises years of protection. From its eye-catching matte finish through every layer of this film, PPF Ultra Matte is engineered to endure. A HydroResist™ top coat limits accumulation of water and dirt on the surface creating a barrier against moisture, insects and stains. Ultra Matte’s self-healing scratch resistance helps shield your vehicle against rocks, salt and road debris protecting it for years. Ultra Matte is backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty


Standard Protection

When it comes to paint protection film, you have a lot of options to choose from. To begin with, you have the standard protection film. This film offers the most basic coverage and generally focuses on specific areas that are ultra prone to getting battered or chipped by the elements. This film would cover the lower and front side of the bumper along with the side view mirrors. Luggage protection around the trunk/hatch area as well as around door handles are also great areas to protect due to multiple touches daily.  This is rather a minimal level of protection that will guard your car against a large amount of potential damage but you still know that your car paint can get the chip at places which have not been covered.

Front Clip

For the ultimate protection of forward facing surfaces, front clip coverage will offer excellent protection

from highway driving to the occasional track days. This includes everything that you can easily see

when standing and looking at the car head-on. This level will cover the entire hood, front facia, and

front fenders.


Complete Body Protection

Your vehicle is completely shielded! As the name suggests, all painted surfaces are covered. However, the beauty of this service is that it easily protects the paint detail along with offering easy car care. By opting for the complete body kit, you can be sure that there will be chips anywhere and there is complete consistent finish all around the vehicle. While it is a costly option but not more than what it would take to get the car repainted.

These are general examples, each vehicle and owner's goals are difference.  Some need a sacrificial layer for the track, others need highways driving peace of mind, and some desire the utmost preservation of their vehicle's original paint. Let's discuss what works best for you.

 *all ppf installations are completed at our Bridgeville / Collier location.

A car with a paint protection film in Bridgeville, PA
coverage exam.jpeg

Coverage Examples (customs solutions always available)

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