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Fine Automotive Detailing
by Mindful, Cutting Edge, Craftsman

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Proudly Servicing, Bridgeville, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, and surrounding areas.


 These services are predicated on mindfully cleaning, and protecting surfaces.  Fine tools, fine products, no cross contamination.


Gtechniq Accredited shop!  The quality of a ceramic coating installation is in the prep, and refining of the paint prior to installation.


Accredited Suntek installation shop! Vehicle with be meticulously prepped using a the latest tools and techniques.  In house plotter for custom options and a clean installation room to minimize contaminates. 

Ceramic Coating

This is where true artistry is exercised when refining paintwork to the desire goals.  Select a desired % reduction in blemishes and we'll devise a service that meets your goals but, all so mindfully protect sensitive areas.

Window Tinting

Block unwanted UV rays and preserve your interior and occupants.  Standard and Ceramic films available with custom installation solutions.  


Change your trim color, handles, non printed graphic solutions, suppling and installing accessories.   Questions, reach out, lets discuss!



    This is your stop for Fine Automotive Detailing.  At Elusive Auto Shine the prime objectives are results driven, regardless of time.  Properly caring for your vehicle, needs a mindful approach.  We gently refresh surfaces and do so without accelerating the aging process.  We find value in constantly training, using the latest techniques.  As vehicles evolve, so must the way they are cared for.  Top shelf products are used inside and out, to not only produce amazing results but, to do so, responsibly and thoughtfully.  


    We are an accredited installer for Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings as well as Suntek Films, completed many hours of paint correction training by the best in the industry, and offer services not only to clean but, to restore damaged interior surfaces. 

    Each vehicle’s detailing goals are completely unique.  We’d like to learn of your expectations, share our process, and provide a transparent solution.   Before and after video walk-around and text updates, are common practice, so you will always know the status of your vehicle. Your time and vehicle are valuable, let’s protect them both! 


  Offering maintenance packages, deep paint decontamination, steam cleaning,  interior deep clean, to full paint correction, ceramic coatings, paint protection film, and restoration  We use a catalog of proven, top shelf products for almost any environment and any level of automotive enthusiast.  

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Head Office

1180 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA


Additional Location:

1 Cedar Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA, 15228

(garage located in the Academy Parking lot)

Tel: 412.301.7755


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Get a quote: 412.301.7755

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